The following information is only tended for customers ordering with delivery within the United Kingdom, U.K.

Customers ordering GBL in the UK have to inform us by a signed declaration, attached with every order they place. This must describe for which purposes(s) they wish to use it.

  NO: Signed declaration of final destination and end use means

NO SHIPMENT to customers living within the U.K. If we did not receive a copy within 7 days your order is automatically cancelled and refunded.

As stated above, this information is not for any customers other than those ordering from the United Kingdom.

Our customers in the U.K. must confirm and sign on the declaration below, confirming that they know that GBL can only be bought and used legally due to the new class C act if :

- They confirm that the GBL will NOT be used for human ingestion.

- They confirm that they are aware that permitting the use for human ingestion is a criminal offence.

- They confirm that they are aware that any details that are provided can be provided to the authorities in
the UK, if we are made aware of any misuse of our products.

Orders larger than 5 Litres will only be accepted if ordered by a company.

This declaration has to be filled in and e-mailed together (in PDF or JPG) with every order, on This declaration does not go to customs...! We only share customerinformation with your local authorities, if we suspect, or if we have reason to believe that our products are used otherwise than for cleaning purposes.

Declaration of final destination and end use.


If u can not open this link, Please click on this link to continue. This will redirect u to the website of Adobe wich suplies the software/pdf reader u need to open the declaration.

16-05-11 04:42 PM, After speaking with our U.K. based laywers (Hodge Jones & Allen LLP), we can insure you we do NOT hand out customer information to ANY authority. Only if we are forced to do so, when we have to proof, we were not AWARE the GBL we sold was used for purposes other than those for which it is intended. 

Certain authorities may sometimes pressure u, we provided them with personal details or order history, which we certainly do not, if we have no reason to do that.